Naive ???

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to the news on the radio. The storyline was about an older man, in a wheelchair, that had been arrested for selling illegal drugs, while living at government housing. Upon interviewing another tenant that lived there, it was said this man sold drugs there for some time. Leading to the impression that this was nothing new and common knowledge by everyone that lived at this complex.

What really bewildered me, was the commentator of this story, seemed to be surprised and in shock that such a thing could possibly ever happen. Like really, why not? Just because that person is old or handicapped, doesn’t give them a free pass to break the law. Being old or handicapped doesn’t make them exempt from being bad or criminal people. If anything, their poverty makes it justifiable to them. After all, they have nothing to loose.

In my experience, it’s a source of income for those living in government housing. Even the property manager looks the other way most of the time, while telling you to call the police, whom do nothing either.

I know on most nights, in the building that I live in, it smells more like a marijuana factory, instead of a retirement community. The times that I’ve called the police, with the smell so strong, it’s funny how the police don’t smell a thing, or do anything about it. All awhile, those with breathing or other health problems, are made sicker from second hand fumes, in their own home. For myself personally, it wakes me up with vomiting and a migraine. 

Illegal drugs is big business, along with theft. I have come to the conclusion, if you want illegal drugs, or cheap stolen merchandise, government housing is the place to get it. Go figure?


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