Questions ???

Since when did asking someone a question start making people so mad at you?

When I was young and in school, my teaches were always saying don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Which being a naturally curious child, gave me lots of room to ask about anything and everything. I wanted to learn about everything, and had a lot of interest.

As an adult, that natural curiosity never left me. If anything, my interest and desire to learn became greater. I’ve also come to understand that the more I learn, the more the world opens up to me. Giving me different ideas, cultures, perceptions, viewpoints and the opinions of others. More open-mindedness and diversity, making me a much more independent thinker. I also think it helps me to make better decisions for myself, in my life. 

I have recently noticed that the more I ask questions, to get a better understanding of something from whom ever I’m talking with, they seem to get mad, offended, or annoyed with me. From my quizzical mind, I truly can’t understand why this offends them. Or why they themselves, don’t want a better understanding or knowledge about everything in their world. It truly baffles me.

Though, I have noticed that these same people seem to be more rigid and narrow-minded thinkers, with less creativity too. Now, I’m not saying either way is a better path to take. Whatever works for you. In my prospective, a narrower mind makes your world so much smaller. But, maybe folks like it better this way so they don’t have to think about things.

So, what is it that truly offends or makes them mad at a person for asking them a question? Now, I get people in authority think that you asking them a question is challenging their authority. (To much God complex or ego, if you ask me though.) When really I’m just trying to have a clearer and better understanding of what they want me to do. Since I believe in doing things right the first time, so you don’t have to repeat the process. Besides, if your going to teach your brain to do some thing new, isn’t it better to do it right the first time?

Could it have something to do with, they don’t have the answer? Does it make them feel inadequate? There’s no harm in not knowing the answer. Isn’t that the reason for asking questions, is to gain knowledge? So, ask questions, to gain knowledge, to make better choices for yourself. Or just blow it off as unworthy to know? I think you short change yourself when you blow it off. But then again some folks just plain don’t care.

Then there are those people who get down right mad or angry with you for asking a question, that they start yelling at you. Kind of like some hysterical rant on everything you’re not doing right. I very recently had this encounter with a person. They got so mad, they just about called me everything, but a white woman. The drama of it all was quite intense, over a simple yes or no question. It really became more of a side-show or temper tantrum than anything else. Kind of makes you wonder what’s really going on, to make them become so irrational that way. Personally, I don’t care how hard you try, you can’t have a civil, rational conversation with someone that’s being irrational. Best to just walk away, till they come to their senses.

Great minds, discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.
Eleanore Roosevelt

Mental Slavery


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