“Following the Breadcrumbs:” The Many Rewards of Curiosity – PsychAlive

When I was young, having a narcissist parent, it seemed like I was taking care of my family. I didn’t have the time or freedom to be that curious child, let alone ask. Thinks were just the way they were, for no reason nessary. 

Now, that I’m older, and have the time, I’m curious about everything. It has become a past time for me to learn about things of great interest to me. I’ve learned, and researched religion, wildlife biology, eco systems, mental illnesses, and psychology, just to name a few. 

I often wonder what kind of person I could of become or job I could of had, if my narcissist parent hadn’t crushed my natural childish curiosity. 

Anyways, this article talks about how curiosity is really a good thing for people to have. I know for me, it’s made my world bigger and better, opened new doors, increased my imagination, and made me feel more alive than ever before. 

Hope you enjoy something wonderful today. 



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