Drug Dealer’s Paradise.

​I use to sit outside of an evening. I love to listen to the birds, and watch them catch their last meal, before the sun sets. It is such a stress reliever for me, after a noisy, stressful day of listening to the neighbors slam their doors all day.

So now that the weather has gotten nice again, I thought I’d enjoy sitting on my deck again. You can imagine my surprise, when I watched a drug transaction take place, on the sidewalk, just three apartments from where I was sitting.

It was bad enough that my girlfriend and I watched a drug transaction take place in the parking lot two days before. Some of these people are living here, but not on a lease, while others are just buyers and dealers from the local community.

To top it all off, was the big drug bust in the parking lot four days ago. Some man was slumped over the steering wheel of the car, passed out, while the car was running. Again this person doesn’t even live in the complex. It felt like I was on the TV show ” Cops Reloaded”. I’m so grateful for the local police department.

Rumor also has it that the woman, across the hall from me, has a daughter on heroin living with her. I’ve seen her living here for about 2-3 weeks now. It’s not very comforting to know that you live across the hall from a heroin addict.

The bad part about all this is the landlord is at a real disadvantage on doing anything about it. As new landlords, they don’t really know who’s who on the property. They don’t see much of the activity, because it’s after their office hours. When management are told about it, they don’t really have the time to check it out for themselves. Which has made me lose faith in them.

The other problem is, by the time the police get here, the people doing this illegal activity are usually gone. So the police don’t see it either.

I can a sure you, I don’t feel to safe living here, knowing all this drug activity is going on. Nor does it feel to safe to sit outside anymore for that matter. I guess if I want to enjoy being outside, I’ll have to find another place to do it. Because I can’t seem to be able to do it at my own home these days, since the apartment complex has become an illegal drug paradise. It’s sad when you don’t feel safe within your own home anymore. Or afraid to come out because you could run into this illegal activity.

Hopefully, my finances will let me move next summer. Until then I’ll have to weather the hell of this place the best way I can. If I’m lucky, maybe I won’t lose my sanity and have a nervous break down.


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