Peeping Tom

I live in an apartment complex for the elderly and handicapped. This building has a hallway that runs the length of it, on the inside. My apartment is on the back side of this building, next to the back side of the lobby. The outside wall for my apartment comes out further than the lobby wall, creating a bit of a recessed area, that I can’t really see unless I’m on my deck. This area is where the weekly cleaning ladies have their cigarette breaks from time to time.

The way that my apartment is situated on the property, I have from time to time had other people invading my privacy, as they walk down the sidewalk. Most people, once they realize this, are more respectful, and make an effort not to look in my windows. Therefore, you can just imagine my surprise when I caught one of theses cleaning ladies doing this a couple of days ago.

Usually, this cleaning lady stays on the steps to smoke, which is never a problem. Most times I never even know she’s there, other than her smoke drifting past my deck. On this particular day, I happen to be sitting in my rocker, looking out the window. While sitting there, I watched this cleaning lady make a special effort to walk further out into the yard, turn around, and look me in the eye. The look on her face, told me that she was just as surprised to see me sitting there looking back at her. Anyways, we proceeded to stare at each other for a few minutes, until she decided to sit in the yard, though still watching me in my home. I was so dumb founded by this action, I lost my tongue.

When she finished her cigarette, she went back into the building, to do her job in my building. As her boss came into the hallway outside my door, there was a snide comment about a video camera I have in my window. This comment was loud enough to be heard into my apartment, as did my neighbors.

Now, I’m not really concerned that anyone knows the camera is there. It has been there for 3 to 4yrs now. It is legally there for personal security reasons. I intentionally put it in full view to keep the bad elements away from me and my property on the deck. Especially since my apartment was broke into the first summer I lived here. Besides, people shouldn’t be to concerned about the camera in the window. They need to be more worried about the one in my hand catching their bad activity, that I can take to the landlord. It has also been my experience that the people who have a problem with this camera, are the ones doing something illegal anyways.

Later that afternoon, I was telling another neighbor about this. I was then informed, that his woman cleans the buildings on four apartment complexes this owner has. Plus, the boss of this cleaning business, has been known to leave the property, while on the job, with a tenant to go smoke some weed. Which, doesn’t make me to comfortable to know that I have a woman cleaning while she’s high on the job. What other illegal activity is she doing while she’s here, on HUD property?

What I do find so disturbing, is that these cleaning ladies are suppose to be of professional charter, and looking into tenant homes. Then the boss of this cleaning crew also shows such childish, unprofessional behavior also. I guess some people just don’t know when they cross the line of others civil rights and invading their privacy. But, I never would of expected it from a professional business. I guess it goes to show that, just because someone has a professional business, that doesn’t mean that they are as a person. I was so surprised by these ladies behavior, as I have never seen them be anything other than professional before. I realize that I can be to trusting and native about some things, but not when it comes to my privacy invaded by a professional business. I do know for sure, I wont recommend this woman’s services to anyone in the future, as I have in the past. I also know that, come next week, I’ll be more ready for this peeping – tom activity. It’s really a shame that some professional businesses are less than professional quality.


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