Narcissistic Mother

NM Strikes Again…

Around the end of June I got an e-mail from NM. It was a YouTube video of an “Interview with God”. Now don’t get me wrong, the video itself is very good. But the contents in which she used it, is down right laughable. Exspecially since it comes from a woman who doesn’t go to church, let alone read the bible, if she even has one for that matter. I find this as her lame attempt to apologize, to corral me back in for her narcissistic supply once again.

I have found that my silence has been golden in dealing with her, as this month (July) I’ve heard nothing from her. I have no doubt that she will try again, as only a narcissistic will do. But I’ll be ready, and won’t fall for any of the games again. I’ve worked to hard to make my life narcissist free, to change it for the likes of her.

Interview with God, video on YouTube.


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