My Best Friend.


Putting him to sleep is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my lifetime. Though I’ll have to say that having his ashes has lessened the heartbreak a little, as time has gone by.

No more tomorrows with him. No more kisses, cuddles, walks, hikes, or meals to make for him. No more looking into his big brown eyes. No more new adventures or playing in the snow together. No more of him watching me make dinner every night. No more saving the last bite for him, or him pre-washing the plate anymore. My home & heart is so empty without him.

He was my family. He made everything in life better & feel like home. He gave me hope & faith, that the next minute or next day was going to be better. He was my whole reason for getting out of bed every morning. He gave my life meaning + purpose to live. He loved me unconditionally, no matter what.

He had such a gentle nature. Such a wise, all knowing kind of thing. Almost like a zen kind of thing, of tranquillity, peace, & calmness about him. Like he could look down into your soul & know you, & feel your heart.

He loved all other creatures. I loved it when any kind of wildlife came across our path, he would just stop & look. It was like, for just a few moments, he was telling them that he meant them no harm. Then they would go about doing whatever they wanted. Wildlife never seemed to feel threatened by him. I got close to many a deer, fox, or groundhog on some of our hikes in the woods. I even got to touch a few opossum, after he made them play dead, but never hurting them.

He opened up a whole new world to me. Made it easier to meet new people. Taught me how to enjoy simple things.

I remember how he loved going to the dog park, five days a week. He looked forward to seeing & playing with his doggie buddies.

I remember how he use to walk around puddles, he didn’t like to get wet. I had to teach him that puddles, & water were fun to play in. But he would only go in as far as his belly.

I had to teach him to bark when someone knocked at the door. That was truly a first for me. Later I found out that pit bulls are more growers than barkers. They make terrible watch dogs, which explains why he never met a stranger.

Plus the fact that they have the
highest people pleasing trait of all dog breeds. Which makes them very easy to train & exploit. With his gentle nature, I rarely had to raise my voice or use a firm hand. He usually had things down in 3 to 4 days, with consistent practice. It amazed me how fast he learned hand signals or anything else for that matter.

Sometimes you don’t realise just how much someone is a part of your life, until they’re gone. He was an amazing dog, that has given me so much joy, friendship, & love every day he was in my life. My heart will forever miss him.



6 thoughts on “My Best Friend.

  1. I’m a person who never cries, even when I think I should. The only exception is when I’ve had to put one of our dogs to sleep (there have been three). Each time I probably wait a little too long, until I know there’s no more pleasure in their life. So I take them to the vet, sure it’s the right thing. And when it’s time, the tears pour down my face. It’s a very precious thing, the bond you have with a dog. And it sounds like this one was very special. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • It was hardest this time for two reasons. One he was my brother’s dog, who passed away. Second, I felt such deeper bond with Quembie, than I’ve ever felt with all my others. It was like we could read each other’s thoughts, with just a look.

      • Yeah. A dog like that, you’ll never forget, and always compare to future dogs. Ours was a black lab. She was perfect. Broke my heart to put her down, but watching her suffer was worse.

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