Are You Gutsy Enough to be Happy?

I found this post to be inspiration & give a new prospective on the concept of being happy.

How many moments, in our day are we given the chance for happiness? But don’t take it because we aren’t gusty enough or get in our own way of that happiness. There are simple joys & happiness every where, we just need to see them.

Pinky Manoj

She was called as the most boldest and monstrous kid in the family. She had a special vibe with Life no matter how life ill-treated her there waso-HAPPINESS-facebook something that made her extremely happy. Some say that Happiness is always accompanied with gloomy events, for her life was reverse always or could be said that she literally fell into the merriment events of life!! Her life was perfect like she had no goals like other humans, she had no much fascination towards her life because of one awful decision she took in her life that kept affecting her further vibrations towards life. She would wake up , eat , bath herself and rush to place where she had to go every single day for her education, meet people , laugh and merry around and then back to home, BACK TO SOLITUDE!!..She was still very ambitious and she had an unquenchable zest…

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