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Toxic Amnesia


I have dealt with this on every interaction with my landlord. I even started to notice other people doing it too.

It’s good to know that there’s a real name for it & that I’m not loosing my mind.


13 thoughts on “Toxic Amnesia

  1. charlie says:

    my crazy sister has done this for years. I thought I had a problem, mentally. I would question her about something she said. her reply”{ WHO WOULD SAY SUCH A THING= OR – THATS HARD TO BELIEVE ! PSYCO

  2. I like that forgetful part, I’ll have to remember that. Though I usually don’t tell that I’m recording, since my state has a one party consent for recording. I haven’t had to replay them for her yet, I can imagine how mad she is going to be when she’s caught for her illegal activities, on running the property.
    Thanks for the advice.

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