I ran across this article in my email this morning. It resonates very much with me, because it is exactly what I have gone threw with my landlord, ever since I’ve lived here.

The constant worry & stress of being threatened of being made homeless by a landlord, who abuses her authority.

The constant worry & stress of other tenants getting offended by something I say. Then take it to the landlord, out of context, therefore getting me into more trouble.

My best advice is, if you have to live in public housing, is know your rights, & don’t let anyone walk all over them. I for one, would of never thought that I would be discriminated against, by the very landlord that’s suppose to help me.


4 thoughts on “HUDNo_15-127

  1. Oh how awful that you are going through this. I have had a landlord like this. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be so mean. Some people get a little authority and they become like little Hitlers.

    • I totally agree with you. I swear she is either Hitler’s sister or Hitler reincarnated myself.
      I have been so stressed out waiting to see if she is going to re-certify my lease, after she threatened not too.
      But, I’ve found a couple of low income attorneys, just in case I need one. Though I hope it really doesn’t have to go that far. I really hate having to defend my rights or being confrontation.
      I just keep praying that God will help me move next summer. This landlord can’t keep good people in here cause she treats people so badly, or cause she’s letting felons live here, that isn’t on a lease.

      • I just said a prayer for your situation. Having to move when you don’t want to and when you aren’t prepared for the expense and upheaval of moving is traumatizing. However, if it comes to that, I pray you will end up in a much better place.

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