Regrets to much


9 thoughts on “Regrets to much

    • Thanks for saying this, but forgive me for not knowing how to properly respond to you kindness. I’m not use to people really caring.
      Forgive me for not posting much lately. Lately it has been a little difficult for me to focus my thoughts into words.
      I hope you’re doing good & have much joy in your day. ♥

      • This is your blog, Naomi, so you can post as much or as little as you like. I know you’re going through a difficult time, so I was hoping a little music would brighten your day — just like the chocolate chip brownies I made recently brightened my day. (Until they were all gone.) 🙂

    • I think sometimes there comes a time when you get so tired of being hurt all the time too. I think you can loose faith in mankind, when there’s more pain than not.

  1. My problem is that I trust people when I first meet them. Then they betray me, then I won’t trust them ever again. I’m trying very hard not to be so trusting in the beginning with new people.
    Thanks for the offer to contact you, it makes a big difference just knowing someone is there to really hear what I have to say & won’t judge me or call me crazy. You & WordPress has been a godsend to getting things off my chest & help me think things threw. ♥

  2. You don’t have to get close to someone to tell them your secrets. And you don’t have to tell your secrets if you don’t want to. Unless these secrets are weighing you down, like a burden… Here, whisper in my ear, tell me your secrets. I won’t tell anyone and I don’t judge… 🙂

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