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The last couple of days I’ve been having difficulties with my landlord not believing me when I tell her that the ac unit is leaking toxins, that are making me sick.

Now, I’ll admit that having lupus makes me very sensitive to chemicals & my environment. It even makes my sense of smell & skin extremely more sensitive. I have been known to feel chemicals that are airborne & not seen. My skin, as is your skin, is like a sponge, absorbing everything. So because of that, makes me very aware of everything, every where I go. Everything in my environment, seen or not seen, has the potential to make me ill.

When I run the unit, my throat & skin burn, I’m nauseous & vomiting. Plus my dog is sick also. When I turn the unit off, all those sick feelings go away. Though, I’ve started to notice that I feel better the more I’m away from the apartment lately. I suspect there are other contaminants, that are making tenants ill also.

What really makes the landlord mad is the ability to look up information on the internet. It makes it very difficult for her to give me false information, like she has in the past. I’ve even found that most times it makes me more knowledgeable than her, after I do a little research on my concerns. Though the internet doesn’t make me an expert in anything, it sure has protected me from bs that the landlord trys to pull over my head. All of this is probably why we don’t get along also. I’m not willing to roll over & play stupid, just because she says it’s so.

Anyways, I’ve finally gotten a different unit. We’ll see how it goes, though I’m not very hopeful at this point. You really can’t expect much good from a 40yr old unit that breaks down with the change of seasons every year.

So I’ve add a couple of links below. I was very surprised to find out how toxic freon was for dogs.




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