American Staffordshire Terrier aka Pitbull


Fear of this breed is mostly caused by ignorance of the breed & the media attention of bad owners, that likely were irresponsible.

It never ceases to amaze me how people tell me how afraid of pitbulls they are. Their knowledge of pitbulls is formed by bad media, who’s mostly misinformed themselves. The look on their face is priceless, as I inform them that’s what they’re petting, as they lavish kisses & pet my own pitty.

I get so tired of the ignorance of this breed. All these horrible traits that people give this breed, or label them with, are not because they are pitbulls. It is because they are from the terrier breed group. All terriers have these traits.

How many times have you heard a dog owner tell you that they could lift their dog off the ground by the toy in the dog’s mouth? This has some how become a trait that is thought only pitbulls have. Not true, all terriers will do this.

Pitbulls can be animal aggressive, which is quite common among terriers. Though it has been my experience as a trainer, that animal aggression can come from any breed, if not properly socialized.

Pitbulls do not make good dogs for inexperienced owners. As with other terriers, they can be tenaciously bull-headed & stubborn at times. Whether it’s going down a hole after a groundhog or another dog starts a fight with them, they won’t back down. They have a lot of courage, nor are they pushovers.

Terriers are high energy dogs. They need lots of exercise, such as walking, hiking, biking, carting. They also have a strong willingness to work, so give them a job to do. Most times they are ready for these activities long before you are. Their sence of adventure or being outside is never ending.

Now that I’ve told you what the terrier traits are, let me tell you what the breed traits are. As an owner of this breed, & trainer of other breeds, this is my breed of choice.

I have found, that out of all other breeds, pitbulls have the highest desire to please their owners, or any human for that matter. Pitbulls love their people & are happy to please.

That eagerness to please, makes them extremely easy to train. Even easier to train than sherpards or collies. That eagerness also makes them quick learners & catch on to obedience cues easily. They catch on to hand signals really fast also. Which is good since my pitty is now deaf from old age.

Though most dogs response well with treat rewards in training, pitbulls response just as well with positive reinforcement of petting & verbal praise.

Due to their eagerness to please, also makes them more sensitive to discipline. If you discipline to harshly or firmly, they will shut down. But you do have to be stern, as long as you do it in a loving way, they will be all to happy to comply.

They are the worlds worst guard dogs of the home or property. They will hold the door open for burglars & most likely help them take your things. They were not bred to be man-biters. They are a people-loving breed, that has never met a stranger. They aren’t even that good at barking.

They are highly intelligent & always seem to be thinking.

I am also a firm believer that, “there are no bad dogs, only bad owners”. Though you will find that any of these traits could be a part of any dog’s or breeds personality. It basically boils down to the owners. How much you train or socialize your dog, will become how well your dog does or doesn’t behave in your life & society.

So when you bring your new terrier puppy home, know that they also possesse a lot of pitbull terrier traits. So remember, as with any breed, that proper training & socialization will help insure a more happy, good tempered, well balanced, mentally stable, well behaved dog, in all aspects of your life & your dogs.
image My special dog, that has given me several years of joy & laughter.


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