Tired of Not Being Me. ..


I’m so tired of other people not letting me be who I want to be, just to be their friend. It gets really old when they get mad at me for having a different opinion or beliefs than there’s. Or they just label me as crazy.

I’m tired of having to watch what I say for fear of making others mad or not like me. I’m entitled to my own opinions & beliefs. If they can’t respect that & have to result to calling me crazy, then they have a problem.

I’m tired of others telling me how to behave, think, or feel. Especially when they know nothing about me or my life.

I’m tired of others trying to make me feel worthless, because they themselves feel that way.

I’m tired of others trying to make me feel guilty for their decisions, actions, behavior or responsibility. No longer will I let them blame me for their shortcomings.

I will no longer let them abuse me by taking advantage of me or my kindness anymore.

I’m no longer interested in having toxic people in my life ever again.

I have come to the conclusion, that the reason I don’t seem to keep friends is because I won’t let them overstep my boundaries anymore. I have more self respect than putting up with someone who doesn’t respect me.

It seems that the more of an individual free thinker you are, the more others feel either threatened or envious of you.


21 thoughts on “Tired of Not Being Me. ..

  1. It’s a big step to realize that people don’t accept you for who you are but for who they want you to be. It’s an even bigger step to decide that you no longer accept this behavior. And it’s the biggest step to decide that those people don’t belong in your life at all. Good on you. Move on, make those steps. You will feel so much better when you filter the good from the bad.

  2. I just wrote about this very thing. I think you are right, you reach a point where you are sort of tired and sick of feeling like people don’t understand you. It’s so easy for people to go on judging you. It’s easy call everyone else “crazy” or “weird” or whatever. No one is perfect and not everyone will “get” you either.

    If you have to cut out the toxic people out of your life, then that’s better then having them crush you with their skewed expectations and ill motives.

  3. I have always been a free thinker as long as I can remember. I don’t accept most things at face value. They have to make sense to me. What I haven’t been is a free speaker and I would like to get to the point where I am willing “to stir the pot” more even if others get offended. Thanks for the post!

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I’m the same, & totally agree with you. I also question authority more than others. I try to help people use their own brains. Maybe see their life & world in a different way. Just because the powers that be say it’s so, doesn’t mean you can’t question it or have to follow the rest of the society to slaughter.

      As far as speaking up, I think that just comes from seeing the injustice that some people are having to go threw just to put food on their tables. I just decided to take a leap of faith one day, now matter where it took me. Me blog started out as a journal of my life & struggles.

      So good luck with your writing & never stop being a free thinker.

    • Thank you for reblogging my post. I never thought I had any thing to say that would give me the followers that I have, let alone that someone that someone would find my words worthy of reblogging. Your kindness overwhelms me to tears. Thank you with all my heart.

      • You are welcome. Your voice is just as valid as any other.
        It just takes the right people to hear you.
        Not everyone has their eyes and ears open.
        Some people are closed off to what we have to say even before we say it.
        But it does not invalidate you value.

      • You are so right about some people having their eyes & ears closed off. I find I don’t usually do well with narrow minded or shallow people. I want more meaning than that.
        Thank you so much for your words of kindness. You have given me a rare & special gift today.

  4. Oh I hear you! That’s why I’m such a recluse. When I’m around ordinary folk I’m constantly judged. I only have two friends that I let into my life – they love me unconditionally. Honestly? I’d rather be alone than have to bend and shape to other people’s expectations

    • Thanks for your comments. It has taken me by surpise that so many people have responded to it.
      I’m glad you have your two good friends. It’s so much harder to do anything totally alone. I too am mostly a recluse. My lupus & depression (possibly PTSD also) doesn’t usually let me pick how my day gets to go. As I read some of your post, I could totally relate to those of suicide & making the plans. Because I’ve done the same thing.
      Hang in there.

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