Book Review


I ran across a book list some where, that suggested this book. I had no idea it was going to change my view of the world & mankind.

Though some parts of this book said some things that have always been my theory on life & mankind. Like our disconnection from nature, & our culture’s problems of drugs, violence, & mental health issues. Or mankind’s ego, in thinking this world was made for him alone to rule.

I also found it interesting that this book uses the example of Cain & Abel, from the bible. Then goes one step further, in suggesting that we, as takers of our culture, are the modern day Cains of the world. While Abel, is a modern day leaver of our culture.

I have always thought of myself as an Abel (leaver), by not being judgement of others or how they live their lives. I know that from reading this book, it has inspired me to be more of a Leaver, even if I have to walk that path alone.

With Man Gone,
Will There
Be Hope
For Gorilla?

With Gorilla Gone,
Will There
Be Hope
For Man?

Thoughts by Naomi


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