One Sided Conversations

This past winter my neighbors spent a lot of hours sitting on my couch, telling me all their problems. For money trouble, to family conflicts, and all their health problems, fears, worries,  and pain. And with a kind, listening ear, I heard it all and tried to help put their mind at ease.

But what I found disheartening, was when I needed someone to just listen to all of that for me, no one had time for me. They had to go home all of a sudden.

One neighbor even stared at my wall and yawned, while I was expressing one of my worries, like I was boring him to death. A sure sign for me that he just didn’t care about anything I had to say. When I finished taking, he didn’t miss a beat, and brought the conversation right back to his worries. So he had no interest in even hearing me. Talk about not being validated.

I have noticed more and more that people really don’t listen to each other anymore. Whatever happened to two sided conversations? Where people actually listened and heard the other person. Are people so caught up in themselves so much, that they can’t take just a few minutes, to really be present in talking to each other?

Think of how much you miss out on, when your not listening to someone, that could have more wisdom or knowledge than you. Being with someone, really being present, could open our minds and eyes to being better people. I can only imagine what it would feel like if we could connect with each other, on a more meaningful level, than the superficial, materialistic people I have run into lately.

Thoughts by Naomi


3 thoughts on “One Sided Conversations

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing in our neighborhood, so it isn’t just you. I don’t know the cause, but do not think it is good that such a high percentage seem to be so self-centered.

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