Classic Scapegoating

I have a neighbor friend, that has gotten a new puppy. She asked me to babysit her puppy, for a doctors appointment she had, which I agreed to do. I told her to call me when she got up, cause I wasn’t sure my alarm would be enough to wake me. Since I’m not typically a morning person.

So my alarm did manage to wake me. I laid in bed, listening to the radio, waiting for her call, which didn’t come. So I called her and got no answer.

Later that day I get a call, saying she was taking the puppy with her, and that if I didn’t want to do it, that she would of made other plans.

So I left her a message telling her to call me when she got back. So when she did call back she told me her puppy had to sit in a hot car for 2hrs, while she was at her appointment. While he was in the car, he managed to knock the crate that he was in, off the seat and onto the floor. Don’t ask me why she didn’t have his crate securely strapped in, before they left home to begin with. Anyways, she told me that her puppy paid the conscience for me not babysitting. That she wont ask again.

I’ll admit, I lost my temper. I told her it was not my responsability that she decided to take him, and make him sit in a hot car. Nor was it my responsability, that she didn’t know how long her appointment was going to be or that she didn’t strap him in.

I have NO tolerance, what so every, for people who try to make their decisions my responsability or blame me when things go wrong. Though I feel sorry for the puppy, she made those chooses for him. My guess is she probably didn’t even take any water with her either. I’m not going to be her scapegoat, for a poor decision she made. It’s like it’s not her fault that puppy was in her car, or fell to the floor.

Why is it that people don’t want to take responsability for their own actions, decisions, or behavior? Because, Lord knows, they sure hold me accountable for mine. Since when did I take grown adults to raise?

Anyways, this neighbor isn’t the first one to take advantage of my kindness. But you can bet your bottom dollar, it will be the last. I will not help any of my neighbors from here on out. Besides, they only knock on my door when they want something from me anyways.

So, it looks like I’ve lost another person, that I thought was a friend. Simply because I wasn’t willing to take the responsability or blame she tried to pass off to me. But if that’s how she’s going to treat me, than losing her as a friend, is really a good thing for me.

Though I will have to say I’ve learned that if I stand up for myself and put the responsability back on them, where it belongs. I get over it faster, and don’t replay the hurt, inside my head for 3 days.

Thoughts by Naomi


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