Narcissistic Mother

Mail Hiding & Crazy Making.

I have discovered that my NM (narcissistic mother) has been hiding my mail from me. I found my Joann Fabric sales add hidden between her magazines today. She was pissed that I found it & she didn’t get to look at it. I’ll have to watch out for that more. It makes me wonder what other mail of mine she’s been hiding.

A couple of weeks later.

The lady at the food stamp office said they sent me mail, that I didn’t return. It’s starting to sound like I didn’t get that mail either. Which makes sense why NM did the crazy show she put on at the office. She was creating a distraction to keep that lady from telling me what NM didn’t want me to know.

That poor lady stopped in mid-sentence because NM was losing her balance from doing the symbol for crazy so radically behind my back. I had to turn around to see what drew this woman’s attention away from our conversation. I saw NM acting like an idiot as she was grabing the countertop to keep from falling. I returned my attention back to the lady to finish our discussion after NM was done with her little show.

What kind of mother does that to her child? Here I am trying to do what I need to do to get my food stamps & she’s sabotaging everything I’m doing.

It wasn’t until I got away from her that I realized just how much harder she was making things for me. Once I was away from her, I didn’t have any trouble getting the help I needed rather quickly.

I also suspect she did this to my brother too. So it’s no wonder that he didn’t get his disability now. So him not getting the help he needed is really her fault. That’s why I blame her for his death. She sabotaged everything he was trying to do.

Thoughts by Naomi


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