Narcissistic Mother

Thought of the day.

Lately I’ve been trying to understand why my mother seemed to blame me for her getting pregnant with me. And like all her other accusations, I took the guilt. As an adult, I know I had nothing to do with her getting pregnant, but as a child that was different though.

I was told that I was conceived in the back seat of my dad’s car. Then Grandpa drove my parents to a preacher to get married. So, you could say it was a shot-gun marriage. Now as I think about it, my mother was a slut.

As narcissist like to project on to other people, that is probably why my mother called me a whore. She is simply seeing herself when she looks at me & calling me all those names like selfish, & lazy. So she never sees me for me, but only as a reflection of her.

Thoughts by Naomi


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